Do you keep reading about Digital Health in the media, and want to know more?

Are you contemplating launching a Digital Health division? Need an external speaker who can shake up existing thinking in your organization? 

Want help going beyond the hype? 

Need an unbiased, vendor neutral, evidence based approach to evaluating new technologies in Digital Health? 

Curious about trends in Digital Health from a global perspective?  

Want to build relationships with startups? Perhaps you're a startup looking to understand who your potential customers might be?

Need to understand what innovations are coming in the years ahead? Do you need an advisor who can help you set the right strategy?

I can synthesize information and tailor content accordingly, whether you're a group of app developers, or the corporate executive team of a Fortune 500 company. I'm based in London, but I've been working with international teams for many years now. 

I'm independent, and can offer a refreshing perspective. I work extremely hard to stay right on the leading edge, and have built a strong global network of innovators in Digital Health.

What excites me are the chances to share my expertise and insights with you, with the focus being on understanding your organisation's needs and determining what approach will help you meet your challenges. I don't believe in innovation, I believe in sustainable innovation.