I come across so many Digital Health startups, and many of them are doing something amazing, and I want to help them get even more exposure around the world.

That's why I started this 'Startup of the week' page on my website.

I'm seeking quality over quantity, so that's why you won't see an interview with a startup being posted every single week. When I do publish a new startup of the week post, it will be on Mondays at 6.30pm London time.

I'm particularly interested in hearing about Digital Health startups outside of North America and Western Europe. If you want to nominate a Digital Health startup for an interview on my website, please contact me.

26th May 2014 - Interview with Fiona Nielsen, founder of DNA Digest

2nd June 2014 - Interview with Elizabeth Iorns, co-founder of Science Exchange

9th June 2014 - Interview with Aviva Cohen, founder of Neuro Hero

23rd June 2014 - Interview with Professor Terry Young, founder of the Cumberland Initiative

4th August 2014 - Interview with Wanida Chua-anusorn, co-founder of MagnePath

1st September 2014 - Interview with Omri Shor, founder of MediSafe

8th September 2014 - Interview with Amy Gleason, COO of CareSync

22nd September 2014 - Interview with Dr Richard Hu, founder of Vivametrica

29th September 2014 - Interview with Dr Michelle Longmire, founder of Medable

20th October 2014 - Interview with Paulo Ferreira dos Santos, founder of Kinematix 

3rd November 2014 - Interview with Kate Ho, Product Manager at Ginsberg

26th January 2015 - Interview with Kevin A. Auton, Managing Director of Aseptika

2nd February 2015 - Interview with Dr Dave Beiser, Co-founder of Qualia Health

16th February 2015 - Interview with Dr Andrew Lin, founder of CliniCloud

30th March 2015 - Interview with Dan Bladon, co-founder of Health Mapper

6th April 2015 - Interview with Mike Barlow, founder of myHealthPal

11th January 2016 - Interview with Dr Asif Qasim, founder of MedShr

15th February 2016 - Interview with Michael Seres, founder of 11Health